Another potential lifestyle changer from Apple?

Apple before the storm...

According to this Bloomberg article, Apple will launch ultra-high definition televisions with 65- and 55-inch screens in the fourth quarter of 2014.  With the reference in the article to Steve Jobs having said before he died that he found simple user interface that would wirelessly synchronize content with Apple’s other devices, this carries the potential of taking home entertainment to a new level.  With Apple’s increasing prowess and expansion into more product lines and technological advances, there may be no limits to the imagination how much further Apple could transform the world’s lifestyle.

Put this together with Apple’s recent hire of Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts which has left many wondering why (such as in this article), it looks like this mega-company will continue to keep its competitors, and consumers, on their toes.  Just earlier this week Apple launched iPad Air.

I can just imagine Apple coming up with televisions that could match the colour of one’s wall or furnitures, redefining interior design.   Already, there is 5c to match your outfit – Vogue.

On supply chain, the article reports that Samsung may be among the suppliers to Apple for its televisions.  However, this development will also put Apple in competition with rival Samsung in the television sector.

As dominance by a single company of the supply chain of any industry speaks danger, how do we feel about the power of one enterprise over so much of our lives?   This is beyond Apple topping Coca-cola as the number One brand.  That was just a drink.   (Oh yes, think about Google too, the second most valuable brand in the world).

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