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China Internet Giant Leading Finance Revolution

Before launching “ZengLiBao” money market fund in June 2013, Tianhong Asset

Hong Kong market down on China data and outlook

(The day I filed a financial journalism stock comment)   The

CrowdFunding Finds Home in Hong Kong

With the internet, ever-evolving and creative online community continues to push

Alibaba Spurs Question on HK Competitiveness

Over more than six months, the global investing community waited as

Hong Kong Government Issues Statement on Bitcoin But Is It Enough?

Hong Kong Government issued a statement on 14 March 2014 to warn

Regulatory Action on Bitcoin should not be knee-jerk reactions

Within the past week, two Bitcoin exchanges shut their doors.  Japan-based

Moody’s Cut Bank Ratings Because…?

Last week, Moody’s released its downgrade on the ratings of four

Twitter’s outstanding IPO

With more than 70% debut on its initial market debut yesterday,

London’s Low Tax Rate Lures Foreign Companies

According to this article, London’s corporate tax rate is down to 23%, from

Another potential lifestyle changer from Apple?

According to this Bloomberg article, Apple will launch ultra-high definition televisions with