Life is full of stories, shaped by human thoughts and perspectives.

The world is about learning – learning of the lives before us, history and culture without which we would not be living the way we do now, and learning about what is happening in the world today.

Everything is interconnected, complex and simple, all at the same time.    Our experience and perception of the world are driven by our perspectives, yet continually evolving, as perspectives are defined by experience, knowledge, exposure, understanding and appreciation of things in each of our unique life.    Conversely, obsession represents single-mindedness without regard for other perspectives, to the point of being blind to other possibilities.  

Life is enriched by broader perspectives, which should be the aim for an interesting, diverse and tolerant world.   Not to be buried by obsession with one’s own perspective or situation.

Life is full of the unexpected and often not what it seems at first.  Understanding perspectives, and in turn understanding through perspectives.

The challenge in transcendence is to strive beyond taking things at face value, dig and search, for truth and meaning.